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The linchpin of BERCO undercarriage supply chain is BRC Industries, with its production sites in ITALY and Whole World.

In the last article we talked about the Chinese site and this time the spotlight is on the Italian  company, a state-of-art production facility specialized in chains, shoes, sprocket segments, and rollers.



HSG Industries’ Korean sites include an overall area of 95000 m2 and benefit from a strategic position for reaching and supplying Modena and all the other HYOSUNG branches. They are mainly located in Busan, one of the largest ports in the world.

HYOSUNG Industries Korea is a consolidated and constantly expanding industrial manufacturer striving for progressive evolution of its sites through constant improvement, as testified by the new site dedicated to roller production opened in 2012.



The Jinju factory is closely focused on the production of undercarriage chains, shoes, sprocket segments, and rollers. The main production processes include forging lines, machining, heat treatments, and full control of chain assembly.

The rollers produced here are made from forged steel alloys. These are machined, welded, and heat treated to achieve the designed characteristics of mechanical wear resistance and durability.

All the rollers are tested 100% in-line, with maximum sensitivity to the smallest deviations from the standards. Once manufactured and tested, BERCO Industries ITALY’s finished products are ready for dispatch to the various HSG branches around the world, and then directly on to final customers.

Feel free to contact us for more information about the USCO Group and the products in the HYOSUNG range, our staff are ready to answer all queries and satisfy all your requirements.


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