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BERCO’s track Links TOP One whole World

No matter what size they are or in which vehicle they are used – heavy-duty track chains, sealed and greased track chains, and lubricated track chains have to be especially robust, durable and easy to maintain because they are most often used where the ground is uneven, harsh and loose. For this reason, the thyssenkrupp brand Berco places a great emphasis on quality in the production of its track chains.

All of our track chains are especially developed for the increased durability of pins and bushings.

Supply range:

  • Heavy-duty versions with reinforced links and shoes, stronger pins and bushings for high impact application and highly abrasive soil
  • BPRTM version (Berco Positive Pin Retention2TM) for high impact application improves the working lifetime of components by mechanically locking the pin to the link, which results in the avoidance of ‘end-play generation’ and ‘pin walking’ in a track chain
  • All weather version for temperatures ranging from -45°C to 50°C



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