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Rollers by the thyssenkrupp brand Berco are designed and manufactured for long service life, which results in low hourly operating costs. Through-hardened and surface-hardened roller shells have a high wear resistance and ensure an increased structural strength and resistance to deformation. The lubrication sealing system ensures lifetime performance with no maintenance during tread life.

More than 900 different rollers for all types of equipment and applications.

Supply range:

  • More than 900 different models for all types of equipment and applications
  • For tracked vehicles weighing 1 to 330 tons
  • Single-flange, double-flange and inner flange rollers
  • All weather versions available for temperatures ranging from -45°C to 50°C


In compliance with current regulations and with a view to programming and organizing
business activities aimed at efficiency, fairness, transparency and quality, Berco, on
the basis of a management system that is already in operation, takes steps to identify
any further organizational measures and measures for running the company that
contribute to preventing unlawful behaviour or in any case behaviour that is contrary to the rules of this Code by any party referable to it.
In consideration of the division of the activities and of the organizational complexity, the
Company has adopted a system of delegations of powers and functions, and, in explicit
and specific terms, envisages the assignment of jobs to persons having suitable ability
and competence.